Jadaya No Longer Ashamed

H.O.P.E. Farm endeavors to serve the entire family when possible. We regularly check-in on our boys’ siblings including their sisters by reviewing their report cards, encouraging them in their studies, and ensuring that they have access to educational resources. Jadaya, the younger sister of one of our boys, is nine years old, struggling to read and embarrassed by her lack of reading skills. She lamented to her mom, “I don’t want people to know that I can’t read.” We were able to raise the funds for a scholarship for her participation in Literacy United’s reading program.

After several sessions working with Literacy United reading specialist, the Principal of her school called her to his office to express how proud he was of the improvement she had shown in her reading abilities. Jadaya’s mom shared with us that the principal was not aware that Jadaya was being tutored by Literacy United.

I spoke with Jadaya yesterday and she was beaming with confidence because of her newly acquired reading skills. Although there is much to be accomplished, she is now on a path to academic success.

I am convinced that it is the sovereign work of God that brought together concerned citizens, generous donors, Literacy United, and H.O.P.E. Farm to help transform our community. Thank you to all who have contributed so that our boys and girls can gain critical reading and learning skills, helping them academically, socially, and personally to succeed in life.


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HRB Investments and Macho Self Storage provide a storage unit for the Literacy United to store books. Books are given to partner organizations and other nonprofits for distribution to children living in poverty situations.