Chaun Made the Honor Roll

After three weeks of participating in the Literacy United reading program, I asked Chaun, one of our older guys, “what has been the benefit of this program to you?” Chaun is currently a sophomore at Paschal High School. If you heard him read, you’d undoubtedly question why such a fluent reader needs a reading program. The initial assessment done by Literacy United revealed that while Chaun had great reading fluency skills, his reading comprehension skills were below his grade level.

Chaun’s answer to my question focused entirely on what he’d learned from the Literacy United reading specialist related to how to understand what he has read. He explained to me that process of scanning a chapter’s heading, sub-headings, and summary before reading through the chapter. Chaun was convinced that this exercise alone had contributed to a greater comprehension and recall of the materials he was reading. The new found success in comprehending the course materials also translated into increased confidence.

During the last six week’s grade reporting period, Chaun celebrated being on the honor roll for the first time since he has been in high school. While it may be early to attach a direct correlation to Chaun’s participation with Literacy United and his making the honor roll, it’s a fact that this achievement did not occur until after he started working with Literacy United.


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